Yah Yah Ya Ramen

Shitty end-of-winter Vancity weather calls for ramen. Dragonhead and Kish were down, so we headed to Yah Yah Ya Ramen in Richmond for our first time there. Kish chose the black tonkotsu ramen. This broth is known for being extra rich and is lighter than the others. It’s still pork bone-based broth, but some places apparently mix … Continue reading Yah Yah Ya Ramen

Aberdeen Food Court

After our jaunt at Juke, we got into a continued debate about where to get the best fried chicken in Vancouver. And even though this isn’t technically Vancouver (“Greater Vancouver?”), the Aberdeen Centre Food Court apparently has a place called Wu Fung Dessert. Which, according to Dragonhead and Grem, has some of the best chicken … Continue reading Aberdeen Food Court

Pok Pok – Portland

Sometimes, you come across some mythical names that you feel compelled to file away for… someday. Names of faraway cities to visit, rockstars to stalk… but for us, these seemed to often be the names of restaurants. Pok Pok was one such restaurant. There were five of us, so we could taste a pretty wide range … Continue reading Pok Pok – Portland

Pho Tan

Climbing a mountain is great for hangovers. A large group of us decided to do just that early Sunday morning. On an overcast and crisp day, summiting the bleak rock felt THAT much cooler. Needing to replenish what we’d burned off, we decided to hit up Pho Tan on Main St. We ordered tea straight away … Continue reading Pho Tan