Rooster’s Ice Cream Bar

We’d been craving some ice cream in this heat, and having thoroughly sampled the delights at Earnest and Rain or Shine, we knew that we needed some new ice cream to try. Good thing we found out about Rooster’s.

Tangram Creamery

After dinner, there’s nothing that Mell likes better than to finish with dessert. And there’s no better dessert on a warm Vancouver evening than ICE CREAM. So, we decided to hit up Tangram Creamery, a new joint that our friends had been raving about (and whose creations we’d been seeing all over our Instagram feeds).

UYU Ice-cream

We don’t even think we got out the front door of Wildebeest before Mell announced that she needed ice cream. Luckily UYU is literally right around the corner so we decided to give them a whirl.