Pasta Polo

When Bettyboop invited us to try out some Italian foodz at Pasta Polo, we were like “Hmm”—jk we said yes right away. As if we ever had to think about whether or not to try a restaurant.

Osteria Savio Volpe

It’d been a looong time coming. About a month, to be exact. That’s how long it took to get reservations at Savio Volpe for a decent dinner time. To say we were hyped was an understatement.


After viewing this year’s winners in the Best of the Georgia Staight, Mell was surprised she’d never heard of Nightingale on the foodie wires. So curious, in fact, that she messaged Grace right away. “You down if I book us for some resos at this restaurant?” “Uh, YES. Is that even a question?”

La Buca

Because we’d been missing not only Spanish but also Italian food, we felt it was time to relive our days in Florence and Rome today. We discovered that the Sardine Can is part of a Spanish-Italian group of restaurants in Vancouver—La Buca and Sorella are the other two restaurants in this group. Grace had a gift … Continue reading La Buca

Via Tevere

“Where should we go eat?” “What haven’t we had in a while?” “Pizza.” So that’s how this one happened. Kraeme graciously joined us because WHO DOESN’T LOVE PIZZA.