Sometimes, we decide to go somewhere only to realize that it’s not open that day. (G: Totally my fault) Today, that happened. So we had to last-minute decide to go elsewhere. Turns out this place was PRETTY KICKASS.

The Sardine Can

That feel when you’re in the mood for Spanish food because it’s been like a year since you were in Barcelona… Yeah. We definitely had a craving. Vancouver has precious few Spanish tapas restaurants, but we’d heard good things about the Sardine Can (and who can resist a stroll in Gastown?), so we decided to pay them … Continue reading The Sardine Can

Eating in Madrid, Spain

Touching down in Madrid could have gone more smoothly—Mell forgot her leather jacket on a Ryanair flight AKA she’s never getting that shit back. Ever. But Madrid also meant our first encounter with Spanish cuisine. And for anyone who knows Grace even a little bit, knows she was probably Spanish in a past life and … Continue reading Eating in Madrid, Spain