Pok Pok – Portland

Sometimes, you come across some mythical names that you feel compelled to file away for… someday. Names of faraway cities to visit, rockstars to stalk… but for us, these seemed to often be the names of restaurants. Pok Pok was one such restaurant. There were five of us, so we could taste a pretty wide range … Continue reading Pok Pok – Portland

Tasty n Sons – Portland

One of our favourite meals is brunch. Well technically every meal is our favourite meal but YA KNOW WHAT WE MEAN. Being a “new American diner” that specializes in brunch, Tasty n Sons got us pretty excited… if you know what we mean.

The Griddle Cafe – Los Angeles

On a bright and sunny day in LA… where better to eat breakfast than at a diner with outdoor seating? That would be the Griddle Cafe, which is a “landmark Hollywood restaurant” on Sunset Boulevard. Judging by how busy it was, yeah. We’d say it’s pretty landmark. But first, coffee.

Sqirl – Los Angeles

For our first breakfast in LA, we knew it had to be special. So we went to Silver Lake—a pretty cool ‘hood—highly recommend it if you’re into hipster things and good food. The result… well, we got our minds blown, so if you’re ever in Los Angeles, you definitely have to eat at Sqirl.