Calabash Bistro

We’d both been to Calabash before and loved their vibe, especially their live music sessions happening on the lower level. But we’ve never had their brunch. And Mell’s never tried the famous Dark ‘n’ Stormy that Grace never shuts up about. It’s time to get what we came for. Even though it’s only 10:30am.


How is this our first time at Wildebeest? God, we must be amateurs or something. It’s in this sexy refurbished 19th century building on West Hastings that nurtures farm-to-table practices, all local. Sooo yeah, count us in on that mentality.

G-Men Ramen

G: Mell, what are you craving? M: Noodles.  How our conversations go a lot of the time. Since we were specifically craving ramen and G-Men is close by, we dragged Dragonhead, Teacher, and Kebin along for the food train.