Sometimes, we decide to go somewhere only to realize that it’s not open that day. (G: Totally my fault) Today, that happened. So we had to last-minute decide to go elsewhere. Turns out this place was PRETTY KICKASS.

La Bodega

It’s been almost two years since our Euro trip where we had the most delicious Spanish tapas we’ve ever had, and we’ve had a hankering for them since. Enter Aladdin and Kish, who came along for the ride at La Bodega, a long-standing institution of Spanish food in Vancouver.

The Sardine Can

That feel when you’re in the mood for Spanish food because it’s been like a year since you were in Barcelona… Yeah. We definitely had a craving. Vancouver has precious few Spanish tapas restaurants, but we’d heard good things about the Sardine Can (and who can resist a stroll in Gastown?), so we decided to pay them … Continue reading The Sardine Can