Tuc Craft Kitchen

We hadn’t had brunch in a while, and Sunday brunch was calling our names. Well, morning mimosas and caesars, to be specific. And Tuc just happened to have both. How… fortuitous.


After our outing at Virtuous Pie, the five of us still had a hankering for a bit of meat—err, food. Well, meat for the boys. So we turned around the corner (HOW CONVENIENT) to pay Juke a visit.

Virtuous Pie

Kebin was back in town for a few precious weeks, so we had to stuff in a few foodie dates. Kebin is also a big meat-eater, so we had to be a bit… sneaky about taking him here. To Virtuous Pie. A vegan pizza place. Heh… heh… heh…

The Arbor

This is a historic (well, historic in FU-land) post. For the first time ever, Grace picked a vegetarian place for us to try. Without any convincing, cajoling, or nudging. G: Did I just suggest The Arbor M: … Wow you actually did. G: You have taught me well.

Osteria Savio Volpe

It’d been a looong time coming. About a month, to be exact. That’s how long it took to get reservations at Savio Volpe for a decent dinner time. To say we were hyped was an understatement.

Pok Pok – Portland

Sometimes, you come across some mythical names that you feel compelled to file away for… someday. Names of faraway cities to visit, rockstars to stalk… but for us, these seemed to often be the names of restaurants. Pok Pok was one such restaurant. There were five of us, so we could taste a pretty wide range … Continue reading Pok Pok – Portland

Fable Diner

It was a cold, rainy Friday night. In Vancouver, this basically means good effing luck finding a decent restaurant for dinner without having to wait an hour. And if you’re looking for better-than-decent, you’ll probably want to make that a two-hour wait. Which is why we were absolutely floored when we discovered that Fable Diner had room for … Continue reading Fable Diner


After viewing this year’s winners in the Best of the Georgia Staight, Mell was surprised she’d never heard of Nightingale on the foodie wires. So curious, in fact, that she messaged Grace right away. “You down if I book us for some resos at this restaurant?” “Uh, YES. Is that even a question?”