Bob Likes Thai Food

Tonight, we felt like having Asian food. So, we went to Bob Likes Thai Food. We wanted to go to the one on Main Street, but when we put “Bob Likes Thai Food” into the GPS, it took us to the one on West Broadway and Granville. Lulz technology. It’s a pretty small space and they were … Continue reading Bob Likes Thai Food

Mamie Taylor's

Mell and Grace try like, the best devilled eggs ever—and get transported back to their childhoods by a popular potato dish.

Ask for Luigi

Mell introduces Grace to the best pasta of her life at Ask for Luigi. Grace returns the favour with bone marrow and escargots—perfect for any adventurous vegetarian.

East is East

Mell and Grace explore the Silk road through amazing flavours, beautiful ambience, and chai. Lots and lots of chai.

Tandoori Kona

Mell and Kebin take Grace and Grem to try Indian food. They get their minds blown by amazing lamb curry and naan.