Marlene Vieira – Mercado da Ribeira, Lisboa

Have we mentioned how unexpectedly lucky we’ve been while travelling? Seriously. Everything that we’ve run into by chance has been exactly like we’ve hoped or dreamed about. Like the Mercado da Ribeira, for instance. Accidentally walking into the mercado—because we were lost—was the best, especially because we were ravenous.


Mar and Val take Mell and Grace to Grasshopper, an amazing vegan restaurant in downtown Toronto (WE LOVE YOU GUYS).

Le Petit Déjeuner

Mell and Grace come off a red-eye flight and sleep in the airport before being picked up by the two sweetest most awesome people in the world for breakfast.


When Dragonhead suggested that we go to Kumare for one of our last meals before we jet to Europe, Grace lost her shit because she loves Filipino food, and Kumare was the restaurant that started the whole obsession. But what’s a “kumare” anyway? “In the Philippines, where the culture is deeply Hispanic, you’ll find kumares … Continue reading Kumare

Café Medina

Mell and Grace ponder the age-old question of “Is good food worth waiting for, or does food just taste better after you wait for it?” at Cafe Medina.