Rooster’s Ice Cream Bar

We’d been craving some ice cream in this heat, and having thoroughly sampled the delights at Earnest and Rain or Shine, we knew that we needed some new ice cream to try. Good thing we found out about Rooster’s.

Virtuous Pie

Kebin was back in town for a few precious weeks, so we had to stuff in a few foodie dates. Kebin is also a big meat-eater, so we had to be a bit… sneaky about taking him here. To Virtuous Pie. A vegan pizza place. Heh… heh… heh…

Crackle Crème

On a rainy Vancouver Saturday, Mell was still recovering from a rough night out/nursing a wicked hangover. However, we had work to do—aka. we had some crème brûlée to eat at Crackle Crème. They don’t open until 12pm, so don’t do what we (and a few others did that same day) and arrive expecting a … Continue reading Crackle Crème

Mega Sushi

Mell and Grace go balls to the wall with rolls at Mega Sushi and write the longest post in the history of Foodporn Uncut.

Bob Likes Thai Food

Tonight, we felt like having Asian food. So, we went to Bob Likes Thai Food. We wanted to go to the one on Main Street, but when we put “Bob Likes Thai Food” into the GPS, it took us to the one on West Broadway and Granville. Lulz technology. It’s a pretty small space and they were … Continue reading Bob Likes Thai Food