Tangram Creamery

After dinner, there’s nothing that Mell likes better than to finish with dessert. And there’s no better dessert on a warm Vancouver evening than ICE CREAM. So, we decided to hit up Tangram Creamery, a new joint that our friends had been raving about (and whose creations we’d been seeing all over our Instagram feeds).

La Buca

Because we’d been missing not only Spanish but also Italian food, we felt it was time to relive our days in Florence and Rome today. We discovered that the Sardine Can is part of a Spanish-Italian group of restaurants in Vancouver—La Buca and Sorella are the other two restaurants in this group. Grace had a gift … Continue reading La Buca

Yolk’s Restaurant & Commissary

When Hans and Irene dropped in (from Oslo and Toronto) for the holidays, we knew we needed to give them some good Vancouver brunch lovin. Since we’d all never been to Yolk’s (yeah yeah, fail, we know), we were like OH WHY NOT. Besides, the constant lineups every weekend had us pretty intrigued.


How is this our first time at Wildebeest? God, we must be amateurs or something. It’s in this sexy refurbished 19th century building on West Hastings that nurtures farm-to-table practices, all local. Sooo yeah, count us in on that mentality.