Calabash Bistro

We’d both been to Calabash before and loved their vibe, especially their live music sessions happening on the lower level. But we’ve never had their brunch. And Mell’s never tried the famous Dark ‘n’ Stormy that Grace never shuts up about. It’s time to get what we came for. Even though it’s only 10:30am.

Via Tevere

“Where should we go eat?” “What haven’t we had in a while?” “Pizza.” So that’s how this one happened. Kraeme graciously joined us because WHO DOESN’T LOVE PIZZA.


Last Adult Table dinner before we jet off to Europe. 🙁 Better make it a good one. Following our recent Asian theme, we yielded to our sushi cravings at Minami, sister restaurant (literally sisters, as the two restaurants are named after the owner’s daughters) of the equally renowned Miku Restaurant.


When Dragonhead suggested that we go to Kumare for one of our last meals before we jet to Europe, Grace lost her shit because she loves Filipino food, and Kumare was the restaurant that started the whole obsession. But what’s a “kumare” anyway? “In the Philippines, where the culture is deeply Hispanic, you’ll find kumares … Continue reading Kumare

Hai Phong

Mell and Grace go VIET at Hai Phong and while their noodles are delicious, it might not be the best place for vegetarians…